Industrial intelligence

Pre-contact checking of a potential contractor is the surest way to insure companies against making a commitment with an unreliable and unfair partner, and hence, financial losses which may imbalance the financial health of the company or induce even its closure. We provide discreet and effective ‘study’ of the credibility of a business partner with whom you plan to sign a contract.

We also advocate our clients to conduct investigative activities in relation to any business partner. This is because constant monitoring of the financial health of contractors will allow for responsible and safe development of joint ventures.

The effect of our conducted actions is a detailed report containing the definition of the financial health of the company, the history of its activity on the market and the relationship among its management team. This allows us to determine the degree of credibility and claims of the future contractor.


Vindication intelligence

Vindication intelligence allows our client to determine the financial status of the debtor, their real estate ownings, personal property, receivables or hidden property. Such arrangements are necessary in preparation of effective vindication strategy and recovery of your debts.

Environmental intelligence

Environmental reconnaissance is to learn about your potential contractor. Their assets, strengths and weaknesses or their claims is key information that allow a client to determine if a future business partner is a reliable contributor.

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