Current fees

1. Obtaining the current transcript and analysis of data from the National Court Register
2. Reviewing of REGON and NIP numbers and data from the Main Statistical Office
3. Verification if the members of the Management Board, Supervisory Board and shareholders are in the Register of Insolvent Debtors
4. Researching the history of transformations of the object indicated
5. Establishing the existence of personal ties among capital shareholders, the Supervisory Board, or other entities (up to the 5th degree)
6. Establishing the presence of financial statements, profit and loss accounts (when published)
7. Determining the level of indebtedness of the object indicated, by way of information from the exchanges 
8. Obtaining information on the object indicated, concerning its intellectual property, trademarks and patents that are held
9. Gaining information from the register of pledges
10. Establishing the ownership of real estate on the territory of the Republic of Poland
11. Conducting a community interview amidst selected contractors
12. Gathering Web materials on the subject of the economic subject indicated
13. Providing conclusions and recommendations

Current Price: 980 PLN
The deadline for delivery of service: 7 days

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